Standing still

Life is a race, I’m not sure what we are racing to, whether its death or something beyond that. All I know is we are all racing towards a final destination. We are given a path to follow the day we are born; some of us stay on the yellow brick road, most of us don’t. 

During our journey to wherever it is that we are going we meet people, people we want to punch in the face and people we want to cuddle up with. I remember when I first met you, running towards the end of adolescents, you made promises you never kept. You walked with me towards the very end and when you left I couldn’t manage to go on without you. I couldn’t see myself continuing without you beside me holding my hand and whispering sweet nothings into my ear to keep me going when I felt like giving up. So I fell down right where I last saw you and dug a hole of ‘safety’.

I filled my escape with memory’s and fears. It took months to find out that just because I was standing still didn’t mean everybody else was. I had mistaken the sound of footsteps above me for friendly voices. The day I realized people were moving and living and continuing their lives while I hid away hoping the hollow ground would keep me safe was when I realized I was hurting myself more than your last words to me ever did.

So don’t stand still. Don’t dig a hole and hide away with fears and memory’s. Keep going, I know its different and a lot more scary once they are gone and I cant promise, you will ever feel the same way again but I can promise you this; hiding away and stopping your life to grieve for somebody who doesn’t even care to be in your life anymore is not a sufficient way to live.


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