What was your name again?

I remember when we sat in your room and you told me you still liked to play dolls I told you I did too. It’s been at least two years since that day and I still haven’t seen you as of then.

last night I got a text from an unmarked number and when I found out it was you the first thing I wondered was if you still played dolls. Have you grown up too or did you stay still and wait for somebody to break your heart and hand you a lighter. I’m never sure how to approach someone I haven’t talked to in a long time. Do I tell you everything that has happened since the day you told me you still played dolls or do I start off with last year when my life really began. Or do I lie and just tell you I’ve missed you.

The countless amounts of play-dates taught me what a real friend was. Who stayed when you felt sick and watched movies they didn’t like. So I remember when you looked at me biting your bottom lip as your eyes gazed over and I could see the wheels in your brain turning as you thought about what to tell me. But I didn’t stay around because I didn’t have time for you to try and get your brain to work and I wasn’t sure I wanted you to tell me whether you still played dolls or not. My life was more interesting than any story you were about to tell me.

That’s when I found out I was a terrible friend. I didn’t want to stay when you were sick, or watch movies I didn’t like. I wanted to keep moving to keep living and when doing that I held you back from the life you truly wanted to live, and for that i’m sorry.


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