I was planning on posting this someday when I had tons of fans and followers and people who really read my posts and admired my blog and took my advice but lately I’ve been asked the same two questions over and over again, so here are my short explanations.

“Why did you title your blog ‘Allaboutbeingalive.’?” I made my blog one night when I was home alone and found out that it is virtually possible to make a blog. I kept asking myself what is it that I will be posting on here? Will I talk only about my past or about all of my exes? Will I make it a daily diary? What if it’s about my best friend? Should it be poetry? Maybe fiction? Then I thought why not all of it. I told myself I’ll disguise the names except mine that way I can show people I know and have proof that it’s mine. It’s going to be all about my life, scratch that, it’s going to be all about being alive.

“Why are there no spaces between the words in the title of your blog?” and here’s my answer to that, When was the last time life gave you space?


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