stupid people

I always get caught up in relationships, caring about every detail and tripping over every little mistake blaming myself for the petty problems caused by over thinking.

If caring too much was a disease then i’m bed ridden with the infection. I throw around my mental stability as if it were a bowling ball hoping to find someone worth everything I have already put out. Yet somehow I always end up running into a dead end filled with dead beats who blow smoke in and out of their hollow souls, leaving me with nothing but anguish and burnt lungs from the left over taste of their memories and mistakes.

I’ve found that it’s not always my fault, I’m not the only reason it didn’t work out. It was’t my favorite color, and I don’t need to dye my hair, I did brush my teeth that morning and NO she’s not better than me. You’re okay, it’s his fault and her fault it’s your fault and their fault. If life was a puzzle and you were the one piece in the middle, people are going to try and fit with you and maybe it will take four months for you to figure out that they don’t fit there but their is somebody who fits in that spot. Don’t keep pushing the same puzzle piece into the wrong place.

Do not spend your whole life trying to figure out why that one person wasn’t right for you, move on. Find the puzzle pieces that do fit, don’t waste time on the ones that don’t. People are stupid and it’s not always your fault.


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